No one likes dealing with a UTI.

Let’s get you feeling better faster.

Euverita UTI Test Kit
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Rapid UTI Test

A quick urine sample can tell if you’re dealing with a urinary tract infection (among other conditions). If antibiotic treatment is required, a urine culture ordered by our doctor may help determine which medicine is best (culture adds additional cost).

Cost: $50

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Enjoy the most comfortable waiting room: your home.

euverita tests are always:

Mobile Lab Testing Clinic

Performed by a Professional

euverita mobile lab tests are performed by trained medical professionals.

Mobile Laboratory Medical testing

Analyzed with Hospital-Grade Equipment

Tests are administered with FDA-approved and physician-trusted devices and methods.

Mobile COVID Testing

Administered Wherever is Most Convenient for You

Going to a lab for your test wastes valuable time. euverita comes to you!

Not sure if it's a UTI?

Our testing can figure out what's going on and even make recommendations for the most effective antibiotic treatment.

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How Does it Work?

A rapid UTI test that shows up at your door?
Yes please.

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Tell us what you need, where you are, and what time works for you. Schedule a test today!

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We Show Up

We’ll show up right to your door where our testing professionals administer your selected tests.

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Get Results

You turn in your test, we send you results. No waiting, no guessing.

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