What You Need to Know About Traveling Right Now

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Travel restrictions! They’re back!

Actually, they never really went away, but across the globe many countries, including the US, are putting new rules in place to contain the spread of the omicron variant of COVID-19. Unfortunately, these restrictions seem to be too little, too late – the variant has already spread to many nations including the United States, and our home of the Twin Cities.

What if you want – or need – to travel? You can still do so, but it is important to be fully up to date on the latest rules for traveling to, and from, the US. It’s also critical to note that Hawaii has special rules in place that could put a crimp in your vacation plans. We can’t rule out other restrictions that might affect you even if you don’t plan to travel internationally.

We’ve collected a few of our favorite travel resources below. We’ll try to keep the list updated as new information comes out, but be sure to do the following when planning any trip:

  • Double check testing and vaccination requirements.
  • Don’t assume and stay up to date. Restrictions are changing daily.
  • Be crystal clear on the type of test required – is it PCR or is Antigen acceptable? Does the destination allow any lab, or do you need to use an approved testing provider?
  • Make sure you get the timing right. Many countries require a test within 72 hours of arrival, others departure. If you’re traveling a long way, those few hours could be very important.
  • Documentation – be sure you know what documents you need, and that the documents you have meet those requirements. This is especially important with proof of vaccination and COVID-19 test results.

COVID-19 Travel Resources

Rules are changing literally every day. As the situation changes, it’s wise to be sure you have up-to-the-minute information. Here are a few travel information resources we like:

  • Sherpa’s Travel Restrictions database and trip planner is a great source for health, testing, vaccine and quarantine requirements. If you’re more of a visual person, the Travel Restrictions Map is your best source for information.
  • Hawaii’s Safe Travels site has great information. It’s also where you’ll need to complete mandatory health and travel paperwork required for entry to the state. Hawaii is somewhat unique among US states in terms of its restrictions. If you opt for pre-travel testing instead of vaccination, you must use an approved testing partner.
  • Check the US State Department’s Travel Advisories site for information on traveling to other countries, and for information about entry to the United States.
  • The CDC’s International Travel Guide has a ton of information about preparing for your trip and remaining safe while traveling.
  • While travel across state lines in the US is generally free and unrestricted, guidelines do vary. Kayak has put together a handy database of Travel Restrictions by State.

Testing for Travel

A recent Washington Post article about testing for international travel highlighted how hard it can be to get the PCR tests most countries (and Hawaii) require on time and at a reasonable price. The good news is that euverita has helped customers travel to dozens of countries. We understand what you need for a successful trip.

With our mobile testing services, a quick nasal swab will get you the rapid PCR results you need. Even better, we’ll bring the testing right to you. And you’ll get your results in as little as 20 minutes.

Schedule a test today to choose a date and time that best works for you, whether it’s right now or in a month.

No hassles, no running around town – do it at home before you leave for the airport!

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