Why you should get your testosterone checked

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Low T is real and it may be affecting your health

Men, do you feel tired? Not performing as well you used to? It’s not just “getting older” – it could be low testosterone.  

As men age, testosterone levels naturally decline. In fact, as discussed in a recent piece from Mayo Clinic, potentially millions of men in the US are living with testosterone deficiency.  

In recognition of Men’s Health Month, let’s explore this lesser-known condition, its symptoms and ways to address it. 

Yes, Low T is a thing 

We’ve all seen the ads on TV featuring Frank Thomas and Doug Flutie, among others. And you’ve probably thought – is this for real? 

Turns out, it is – although doctors don’t usually call it “Low T.” As men age, most experience a drop in their testosterone over time. In fact, nearly 39% of men over age 45 have low testosterone. This is a natural process, but can lead to some unpleasant side effects. 

Although one thing in particular may immediately come to mind (wink, wink), testosterone is a key male growth hormone that helps maintain mental acuity, muscle mass, assertiveness, and fertility. In other words, some of what you might associate with getting older could be a symptom of a testosterone deficiency. 

It’s treatable… but be careful 

Unlike other conditions that disproportionately affect men such as prostate and testicular cancer, testosterone deficiency is easily treated via what’s known as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).  

It’s estimated that roughly 10% of eligible men are getting TRT. 

Before ordering something from your favorite site however, keep a few things in mind. First, not all TRT is alike. In fact, there is not much scientific evidence backing over-the-counter supplements. Testosterone is a controlled substance – true TRT is available only from a licensed pharmacist via a prescription from a doctor, normally as a cream or less commonly in pill form or via an injection. 

Second, not everyone needs or should have TRT. Every man’s experience of aging is unique. To accurately treat the symptoms of testosterone deficiency, it’s important to have testosterone levels (and other health indicators) checked by a licensed lab and discuss them with your doctor.  

As with any other medicine, dosage is also important. If your test indicates you could benefit from TRT, make sure that you’re getting the optimal amount. Excess testosterone can lead to heart and liver problems, hypertension and acne, among other things. Remember – the whole point is to feel better! 

Improving Men’s Health – testosterone testing from Decisive Health 

Don’t let fatigue, flagging fitness and a lackluster libido be your new normal. Euverita has created a quick, easy, and convenient solution to help men face these challenges. We call it Decisive Health – a new, medically guided approach to men’s health and wellness.  

The process is simple: 

  1. A quick, convenient blood test – we come to you
  2. Get your test results within 24 hours  
  3. A consultation with a licensed healthcare professional a day or two later.  
  4. Immediately start your personalized TRT and men’s health program  

 Even better, it’s discreet and WE COME RIGHT TO YOU. 

 If you want to know if Low T is impacting you, book your Decisive Health screening today to find out.  


More questions? Reach out to help@decisive.health or contact us.

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