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Easy Mobile Lab Testing

Differentiate Yourself

With euverita’s services, you have a leg up on the competition. Say hello to patient retention!

Mobile COVID Test Lab

Add Convenience

Reach populations that traditionally struggle to make it into the doctor’s office.

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Complete Medical Interactions

Offer better, comprehensive telemedicine interactions with your patients.

Mobile Lab Testing for Insurance

Improve Quality of Care.

We care for each and every one of our patients. Let us care for yours.

Telemedicine & Mobile Lab Testing

Provide convenient onsite health services to those who need it more.

Offer On-Site Comprehensive Medical Testing

euverita is trusted, affordable, and convenient.

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Antigen, PCR, and antibody testing ideal for both at-home and workplace needs.

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Top-tier testing that quickly and accurately diagnoses the flu.

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A state of the art strep test that doesn’t require follow-up culture testing.

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UTI Urinalysis

Fast, accurate, at-home UTI testing so those affected can stay comfortable at home.

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Onsite Health Services That Are Changing the Game

Prefer at-home or workplace testing? euverita is here to help.

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