Make the Waiting Room Your Living Room

Flu, strep, and COVID testing that pulls us to your driveway and delivers quick, accurate results.

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Why Test at Home?

Easy Mobile Lab Testing


3 simple steps to an accurate diagnosis.

Mobile COVID Test Lab


Schedule around your schedule and your location.

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Cut the risk of waiting room germs by staying at home.

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Accurate, rapid COVID testing to keep everyone in your household safe.

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Top-tier testing helps you determine if you or a loved one is suffering from the flu.

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Combination Respiratory

With euverita's telemedicine and mobile testing services, a quick nasal swab will help you detect COVID-19 and the flu early on.

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A trusted way to diagnose strep so you can take the next best steps.

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UTI Urinalysis

Fast and accurate UTI testing so you can start feeling comfortable again.

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Taking Care of Yourself or a Loved One?

euverita figures out what’s going on with hospital-grade equipment and medical professionals.

Convenient Medical Testing That Puts You First

Let’s get you feeling better.

Schedule Your Test

Tell us what you need, where you are, and what time works for you. Schedule a test today!

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We Show Up

We’ll show up right to your door where our testing professionals administer your selected tests.

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Get Results

You turn in your test, we send you results. No waiting, no guessing.

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