Mobile Medical Lab vs. At-Home Testing Kit

Young woman on laptop scheduling a medical lab to arrive to her house for testing.

Think you might have the flu? Need a negative COVID-19 test before a trip? Or maybe you are just due for a comprehensive health exam.

You could go to your doctor, but that means scheduling an appointment, driving to the office location, and sitting around in a cramped waiting room. 

Who has time for that? 

Aside from time constraints, you may not be feeling your best either, which can make the trip exhausting on your body. In contrast, you might be feeling great, but a medical setting can put you at risk of being exposed to other germs. 

With all this in mind, the idea of taking a test in the comfort of your home may sound like a more appealing option.

This brings us to the next dilemma: should you get an at-home testing kit?

Let’s review a few pros and cons of this option.


  • Easy store pickup
  • Allows you to take the test at home
  • Rapid results


  • Drive to store
  • Wait in line
  • Take the test yourself
  • Contact your doctor with questions
  • Likely visit the doctor anyway for follow-up test
  • Wait for a prescribed treatment

Though an at-home testing kit sounds convenient, it still requires a bit of travel, waiting around, and even some guesswork.

For instance, if you’re choosing a test kit at the store, you’ll need to decide which brand and type of medical test is right for your situation. Next, you’ll need to administer the test on your own. Even after reading the directions carefully, it can still feel intimidating to test yourself and trust the results. 

Again, we need to take into consideration that if you’re dealing with the flu, or maybe you’re testing for a urinary tract infection (UTI), it’s safe to say you’re experiencing some level of discomfort. This can make both travel and testing difficult, exhausting, and even stressful.

Ready for the good news? There is a faster, better way to get tested right from your home.

Mobile Labs Brings the Test to You

Mobile labs from euverita makes testing easy, stress-free, and available on your schedule.

Our medical lab services include:

Easy Scheduling

You choose the date and time, and our mobile lab will be at your home with the rapid test you need. We can also stop by your office, if that’s more convenient. 

On-Site Medical Professionals

Most of us prefer to visit the doctor’s office for the peace of mind of knowing a medical expert is administering any tests and diagnosing our condition. After all, if it turns out you do have the flu or a UTI, you’ll likely have questions about managing your symptoms and getting the right treatment. 

With our mobile lab, you’ll be greeted by a team of medical professionals who will answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction of finding symptom relief.

Hospital-Grade Testing

In addition to having medical professionals on site to administer your test, we only use hospital-grade testing equipment, which means you can feel confident about the results of your test. 

Speaking of results, all our tests are rapid, which means you can expect results in less than an hour, on average. Once your results are available, you’ll receive a text notification on your smartphone. You can also check its status, using our convenient, secure online portal.

Mobile Lab Services Near You

Ready to take the hassle, stress, and guesswork out of at-home medical testing? Schedule a mobile lab to arrive at your home or office with the test you need.

Serving the Twin Cities Metro area and Western Wisconsin, our on-demand mobile lab is always ready and equipped to help you take the next step in your journey to better health. 

Schedule a Test Today!

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